The 1st steps

The proverb : "Winning is earning. Losing is learning" holds very true when we start with snowboarding. Thus those who are convinced that it's all about just grabbing the board, going up to the slopes and after few trials: "voila, here we go, a very nice ride", might be a bit disappointed (still if you are the talent, the exception, then my congrats!). There are many schools how to begin: those which teach that it suffices to copy the others that are already moving the desired way or others which swear that one should learn from their friends. Or some may claime that one should put their snowboard destiny in the hands of certified professionals.

Few hints before the 1st ride (in fact, each ride) :
# Beware putting your weight onto your back-leg (cca 60-65% of your weight must be on the front one)
# Watch up for your body antirotation this undesirable movement causes the nasty edge bitting, chopping
# Please, take your time to learn in progressive steps: 1st how to fall safely & with fun, how to skid downhill the way of falling leaves (i.e. the gravity centre control excercise).
# Do not hurry up for the dream ride to soon as or you may skip the earnig phase completely
# As soon as you feel it is you who leads the way and not the board then advance towards simple tricks, then try riding the edges, thus enter the carving realms.
# Don't forget: On the slopes, sober and fit

Let's beging with the carving:
# The onset of the turn is characterised by the weight on the front-leg (cca 65%)
# Then as the turn progresses the weight spreads equally on both legs
# In the turns the shoulders rotate towards the slope (help yourself by looking in the turn's direction)
# Carving is about transmiting the righ force on the righ part of the edge (and sure, at the righ time)
# Begin with large turns, the turns of a smaller diameter will come later
# Carving is not about (maximum) speed but about the dynamics of nicely carved turns

One can beging with snowboarding at whatever age: you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's? No issue. The snowboard, and its carving offspring in particular, appeals to freshness & youthfulness of your spirit, to your forcefull heart & profound passion.